Welcome to TBP.   Two Brides Presents is a collaborative community born in 2017 featuring independent artists locally and internationally from all kinda different backgrounds, styles + stories. Together we create inclusive, super cute, punny + relatable original designs for everyone, no matter which way you swing.

Our greeting cards, fine art prints, pride accessories & jewellery are handmade with love by us using plant based filament and 3d printed technology. 

Our Artists earn every time you order, so by purchasing your inclusive                    gifts through us you're not only spreading the love, but supporting these                amazing LGBTQIAP2S+, gender non-conforming and ally artists. 


 Two Brides Julz & Chris

Two Brides Presents

Meet Chris Eva (they/she) & Julz P (she/her), the two brides behind the biz. Their love for stationery bloomed through the gifting of handcrafted cards and handwritten love notes to each other since meeting in 2010 at Splendour in the Grass. Over the years their passion for creativity continued to grow, and in 2015 they got married & launched their handmade Stationery & Pride Gift Shop as Two Brides Presents in Australia. You can see their passion for inclusivity, love of all things rainbows and sense of humour throughout their works. Their bold and colourful styling brightens up anyone's day.


Sydney LGBTQ Author Courtney Peppernell from the Pillow Thought Series and I Hope You Can Stay Books 

Courtney Peppernell 

Courtney Peppernell (she/her) is a best-selling author from Sydney, Australia. Her first poetry collection Pillow Thoughts was released in 2016 and is now a best-selling series of poetry collections. Including Pillow Thoughts, Pillow Thoughts II Healing the Heart and Pillow Thoughts III Mending the Mind. Drawing on inspiration from the people she meets and places she visits, check out Courtney's designs from the Pillow Thoughts Series and books like ‘I Hope You Stay’ and much more.


        Sydney Artist Scott Anderson from Andesn Designs

Scott Anderson

Is the creative legend behind Andesn Designs out of Sydney, Australia. Scott (he/him) creates hilarious Pop Art in Comic Book Style Characters that will have you laughing out loud. When he's not designing art you can find Scott painting up a storm in his home studio or sketching a one of a kind art work for an exhibition. In need of a good laugh? Check out his Cheekiest Greeting Card designs.


 Brisbane Artist Leah Falcocchio

Leah Falcocchio

Artist, Freelance Graphic Designer and a zealous advocate of Brisbane's creative scene. Leah (she/her) plays with depth and perspective in designs that leap off the page. When she's not creating hand drawn lettering and digital illustrations, you can find her decorating Brisbane streets with large scale painted murals with message that you make you think twice. Spread the love or announce your special day with her 'Rainbow Luv' Wedding Stationery Set.
Queer Couple Collaborators from Brisbane Australia, Albi Arts

Albi Arts

Albi Arts is owned and run by partners Alyssa (she/her) and Shelby (she/her). What started as a friendship, where an undying love for RuPaul’s Drag Race bonded them, turned quickly into a business (and a new found love for each other), where they discovered a way to express themselves through art and creating – making the most of their admiration for Drag Kings and Queens as well as queer music icons.


Melbourne LGBTQ+ Painter Natasha Rose Art

Natasha Rose Art

After foraying into the art world in Sydney with a series of Fine Art pieces, Natasha (she/her) moved to Melbourne and has been experimenting with oil painting, collage and distortion with a floral motif. Under the creative name, Natasha Rose Art, she has been creating breathtaking portraits and floral fanaticise. Her inclusive outlook and appreciation for aesthetic beauty is in abundance across her hand drawn Floral, Lavender and Nautical Wedding Stationery Collections and Celebratory Greeting Cards.  


Collaboration with Melbourne Artist John Riveral Designs Things 

John Riveral Dsgns Thngs

A Sydneysider turned Melburnian, John (he/him) is an advocate for all things LGBTIQ+ #inclusivenotexclusive and so into voguing right now. Having studied Graphic Design, his design aesthetic is clean, simple and minimal. A true designer at heart, you can find John designing professionally in the corporate area, and personally on his passion projects. His timeless styling will have you saying "I Do" to his wonderful range of Wedding Stationery Designs and Celebratory Greeting Cards



Collaboration with Newcastle Artist, Noods Creative

Hannah Brien

A nood for every mood. Hannah (she/her) aka Noods Creative is an illustrator and Visual Communication Designer based in Newcastle, nsw or as she calls it, Noodcastle. Her work is quirky, fun and full of feeling. Represented through simple black and white line drawings with a hint of rainbow. Her Rollin' With My Homo & Homies Card & Print will have you vibin' for days. 


Brisbane Artist EEE Designs

Edowa Ehigie

Edowa Ehigie (they/she) is a Brisbane based Graphic Designer and Illustrator. She's heavily inspired by science fiction, fantasy and inspirational women both fictional and non-fictional. She prides herself on creating original designs that explore a variety of themes that mostly focuses on individual identity through her vector illustrations.


Wollongong, Australia Artist Lucille Designs

Lucille Designs

Hailing from Wollongong, NSW Emily (she/her) is the creative mind behind Lucille Designs. A Graphic Designer and Plant Mum, Emily's modern and minimalist style has been turning heads across the country. Designed by Emily, the Classic Wedding Stationery collection and Birthday Cards are one of a kind and promotes inclusivity for all kinds of people.
 Brisbane Artist, Charlotte Dirou

Charlotte Dirou

Inspired by strong female characters, nature and erotica and anything bold, bright and wonderful, Charlotte (she/her) creates vibrant digital art with character. This local Brisbane gal has a passion for interactive and visual design. Can be found frequenting local handmade art events and is the proud mum of two lil fur babies. Her series of inclusive greeting cards are a fresh way to celebrate with your loved ones on their special day. 



Sunshine Coast Artist, AAC Creative

Ora Designs

Abbey (she/her) is a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Videographer based on the Sunshine Coast. A creative through and through, she always has several projects on the go, from professional logo design to wedding videography and everything in between. Go checkout her latest designs of musical and sporting queer legends of our lifetime. 


Brisbane Artist, Brittany Wiggins

Brittany Wiggins Art

Brittany Wiggins (she/her) is a self-taught, freelance illustrator and artist from Brisbane. She has an artistic eye, seeing the creative potential in everything around her. Brittany favours a pastel palette and minimalistic style, this can be seen in her unique designs and illustrations. Brittany’s series of birthday and wedding cards celebrate inclusivity in her signature style.

 Fluff Mallow

Hello! Welcome to Fluffmallow. I’m Shubheksha, the one-woman show behind Fluffmallow. I work as a software engineer during the day and run this shop after work :)

As someone who has struggled with poor mental health all my life, my primary goal is to raise awareness around mental health and destigmatize it through cute and adorable art.

I was silent for most of my life, but I refuse to do that anymore. I want to make everyone who thinks they’re “not normal” belong, to let them know that there is a place for them in this world. Because I wish someone had done that for me during the lowest points in my life.

This is why I started Fluffmallow. It was born in March 2021 as a result of lockdown in my house in London. 😂 It is still super small but the support I’ve received has been incredible. I have so many plans for it going forward and I hope you’ll stick around to see them come to life :)


Mary Spaghetti Stories

Let's talk about sex baby! Maria (she/her) is a Sydney based illustrator who creates fun and cheeky art to start important conversations about sex and desire. Her series of bold and funny cards celebrate pleasure and sex in a playful way, making it one hell of a message to give to your lover about what gives you pleasure! Maria also creates inclusive cards to celebrate events like coming out, transitioning and the expansion of a rainbow family.

Maria is also passionate about mental health and hopes her cards remind everyone that they are never alone. Join her revolution in bringing joy, giggles and sexiness to the world one card at a time!

ShuturpEllie Hopley (she/her) the Queer Artist behind the creative and funny art at Shuturp. Focusing on mental health, everyday life, people and situations, her art brings a lot of smiles, big love and rainbow hugs to everyone, no matter which way you swing.


Peachy Rebel
Hi! My name is Stacie (she/her) I’m a Melbourne based designer and illustrator, who loves cats, pizza, good (bad) puns, bold colours collecting brooches, true crime podcasts, and german pop-rock. I spend my days designing logos and illustrating lots of fun things from my sunny home studio, with the help of my sidekick, Delilah (she's a really cute black cat!). I love working with makers and shakers who want something that both embraces and shows off their inner confetti!